Sunday, September 17, 2006

Proessive Fest Illinois Planning Thread


I have a phone call in to George from Progressive Forum inquiring if they are interested in this. Voice-mail just a few minutes ago, so obviously no answer yet. I am really hoping they get on board with this...George, if your group devcides to come onboard for this, please make it known to all the various groups attending those awesome meetings of yours down there in Matteson. We will be developing a flyer within the next week, I will update it periodically as we get closer, but please start putting the word out now.

I need to aask you guys if someone can contact DAWN, and also United Progressives. I do not have contact info for them as yet. UFPJ contact would be good too.

I will start up a running list of groups / people contacted and get it on another e-mail thread with the subject line "Progressive Fest Illinois Invited List." Whoever contacts anyone on this from outside organizations, please "reply all" to that thread with the info. (Gary, please add all such contacts to a spreadsheet for later incorporation into the PDI internal database.)

I will starting hunting down regional contacts for environmental and farming interests to see if I can find any speakers.

Sherry at PDA: PDI is going to try to start up an annual Progressive Festival here in Illinois to begin in late October of this year. We are interested in developing something similar to Fighting Bob Fest in Wisconsin over time. As PDA State Coordinator, I am going to try to get as many PDA list signups as possible involved in this, PDA National is welcome to follow this thread and decide if they want to represent themselves at this event or wait for a future year.

Ruben: I need to hear from you the specific dates that the farm is available.

All: We need to consider audio equipment needs, restroom facilities, tents, any required permits, etc. We should get a list of items started now. We had best start asking for donations NOW in order to fund these types of items. Anyone with fundraising experience, PLEASE step up on this one.



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