Tuesday, November 30, 2010

[PDI] FW: Death Penalty Bill PASSES Committee!

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Dear Daniel - 

Yesterday crowds of people converged on the Capitol in Springfield to tell their representatives to end the death penalty in Illinois. This morning the House Judiciary Committee listened and passed our bill!

We've broken through the first big barrier! Next up is the House floor and they could vote as early as this afternoon.

We need to turn our dials up to eleven - and fast. We know you have already signed a petition but we need legislators to know that we are watching them every step of the way.

Please call and email your representatives today.

It won't take more than a minute or two and the payoff would be massive. We can put an end to ten years of moratorium limbo, save millions of dollars, and ensure that no more innocent people are sentenced to death. We know this can be done because it has been done before – in New York, New Jersey, and New Mexico in just the last five years.

We've come this far in Illinois because of your help. Now help us go all the way!

Towards justice,
Emma, on behalf of all of EJUSA

P.S. Want to do more? Organize your community. Forward this email to all of your friends in Illinois!

Equal Justice USA (EJUSA) is a national leader in the movement to halt executions. We work state by state to train and empower grassroots leaders to advocate for a more fair and humane criminal justice system. Will you help us build this movement?

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