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[PDI] (fwd) Can You help out in Wisconsin in the next six weeks?

[Anyone who is interested and available for this, please contact the sender
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People in Team Hope, the group I facilitate down here in the South Suburbs,
decided that they wanted to travel up to Wisconsin and help out on the recall
elections that sprung up in reaction to Scott Walker's radical moves in
Wisconsin. I contacted Ben Nuckles, who you may know as the campaign manager of
Governor Quinn's general election campaign, with whom I had also worked in 2004
when the Loop DFA group was sending volunteers up to Wisconsin to work in the
presidential election. Looking at the polling data, Ben's own work with Fred
Clark when he was Chief of Staff for Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton (when they
identified and helped out Clark in his successful first run for St. Rep.), as
well as the goal of electing the THIRD Democrat to the state senate in the
recall, we settled on helping out in the 14th Senate District with Fred Clark's

I don't need to explain to you why people down here think that the Wisconsin
Recall elections are important. And this is a winnable seat. Polling from just
this past week shows this, and the Clark campaign has been given the resources
from the state Democratic party to do so. They are organized, have definite,
definable goals and are ready to do what it takes to win. They are a pleasure
to work with, as volunteers.

We just got back from our first trip to Portage, WI. Portage is a historic,
rural town that sits on the Wisconsin river. Despite the fact that Portage
hosted a summer carnival yesterday, and, thus, many of its residents weren't
home, we had a great experience. I found a couple of 1s (strong supporters) and
a couple of undecideds (one who even asked for, and will receive, a phone call
from the candidate himself), and even got them two yard signs! Given the fact
that the recall elections are all special elections, this is all about ground
game, and ground game in what are, at the moment, Republican-held districts. So
outside help is desperately needed.

Wisconsin Democrats recognize this. They have even designated two Out-of-State
Volunteer Liaisons, one for Minnesota and one for Illinois, David Crowley. I've
asked David if he'd be willing to come down here and talk to the different
groups where there might be interest in people going up there to volunteer. I'd
love for you to hear David in the next few weeks, if you have a group that will
be meeting soon. Remember, the (special) election is July 12th (although it
hasn't been called officially, that is the presumptive date towards which they
are working).

More importantly, I'd love for you to notify your networks about going up on
Saturdays in June and the first few weeks in July. Even people who have never
canvassed before will find the experience fun and exciting. Just like we took
Indiana away from the Republicans in 2008, we can take the three seats Democrats
need to restore balance in the Wisconsin state senate this July. But we need
everyone's help to do so.

There is a short window here, which is why I'm contacting all my organizer
friends about contacting their networks and political groups. It would be great
if we could establish staging locations throughout the Chicagoland region so
that people could hook up with rides on Saturday mornings, starting in June, to
go up there and knock on doors. There's a lot of turf, and every little bit

If you are interested, or need more information, feel free to contact me.

312 315 7302

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