Friday, December 09, 2011

[PDI] FW: Thank You for Protesting the Confiscation of Occupy Chicago's Supplies Cart


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Subject: Thank You for Protesting the Confiscation of Occupy Chicago's Supplies Cart

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for responding to the outrageous action of the Chicago police in confiscating  Occupy Chicago's supplies cart. I heard from many of you that the video link was down because of heavy traffic. We hope to have it up on a site that can support greater traffic soon. Right now the link is up at

I also heard that the Mayor's office had so many calls they were swamped. Good on you! If you didn't get through you can still call. Mayor's office: 312-744-3300

Many people also suggested following up on this outrage legally with a complaint to the police. If anyone would like to research how to do this and contact me we can move this idea forward.

For those who missed the previous email on the supply cart confiscation here is an exerpt: 

"Recently police removed a supplies cart belonging to Occupy Chicago and crushed it in a Streets and Sanitation truck in front of Occupy at Lasalle and Jackson. Here's the unedited video:

Please call the Mayor's Office at 312-744-3300 to let him know that we protest the theft of Occupy's belongings by the police."

Please keep the petition going-- the more Chicagoans who support the constitutional rights of Occupy the more the Mayor will know we, and Occupy, are to be listened to. Occupy is planning to establish a base in Grant Park in the spring. We can make a big difference in their success.

Nancy Wade
Co-sponsor of "Let the #occupychicago movement stay in Grant Park without arrests" Petition advocating the freedom of assembly rights of Occupy Chicago, 13,697 signers


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