Monday, April 16, 2012

[PDI] Fwd: Letter from Washington State supporters to Kucinich

Hi all,

I just received an email informing me that Dennis Kucinich is considering a run for Congress in Washington State.

He has already collected a group of supporters who composed a letter listing three key reasons he should run,
one of which is his NEED Act!

But he needs AND DESERVES much more support if this effort is to be worthwhile. If you know anyone in Washington State,
please forward this to them,and please take time to follow the link in the following article and register your vote in support.

You can read the entire article here:

Below is an excerpt about the third key reason for why Kucinich's voice is needed - and a paragraph on the the corporate media:

/The third benefit to the people of Washington State of returning you to
Congress is that you have proposed the NEED ACT which would restore a
full employment economy and create millions of jobs by taking back
control of the money supply from greedy and reckless Wall Street
bankers. We have four million workers in our State, but only three
million jobs -- for a real unemployment rate of 25%. Thousands of hard
working honest and highly skilled people here have lost their jobs,
their homes, their health care, their life savings and their hope.
Returning you to Congress to advocate for the NEED ACT is the best hope
we have for restoring jobs and stabilizing the economy here in
Washington State."/

/We understand that the corporate media has attacked you in the past and
will continue to attack you in the future. But we believe the voters are
getting wise to the fact that they are being manipulated. The issues you
have raised in your past campaigns, from Peace and Prosperity to
Protecting our Constitutional Rights, have not been issues that apply
merely to the people of Ohio -- but also to people in Washington State -
and to all the people in the United States. We are confident that the
majority of voters in our State would support your campaign once they
were made aware of your real positions on issues they care about./

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Rep. Dennis Kucinich polls supporters on whether to run for Congress in Washington state
Published: Sunday, April 15, 2012, 10:30 PM

Supporters of Dennis from Washington state want him to run for Congress there. They recently sent him a letter outlining three key
benefits to the people in the state if he was re-elected to Congress. You may be pleasantly surprised to read the third reason...

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