Friday, June 29, 2012

[PDI] We're gaining momentum! (TPP negotiations)

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We just got an email from one of our members telling us, "I must say that
your email was about the* scariest thing I ever read, and I'm 74 and enjoy
science fiction movies."*

Like her, you're one of nearly *75,000 people who have sent a message* calling
on world leaders and trade representatives to come clean about the
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

In fact, we've sent so many messages to world leaders negotiating this
top-secret agreement, that we've literally *filled their inboxes to capacity
* letting them know we won't be left in the dark about this agreement. Due
the huge volume of emails we sent, some of your messages may have bounced,
and we apologize if there was any confusion, but this means that *we're
making a huge impact*.

Our partners at Public Citizen, who helped kick-start it all by leaking
proposed chapters of the agreement, are going to *deliver your petitions in
San Diego next week*.

The biggest problem with this treaty is that, due to the extreme secrecy
surrounding it, only a few people have heard of it. But that is starting to

The Nation just released a piece on it -- "NAFTA on Steroids" -- that you
should totally read and tell all your friends about.

*We can and are helping push the TPP further into the public eye *by
sharing the news and starting the opposition now, before the next round of
talks begin. We hope that this growing awareness is just the tip of the


--Emma, Kaytee, and the Rest of Us

P.S. In case The Nation article wasn't enough for you, we wanted to leave
you with a few more to read over the weekend:

*House Democrats want more open Pacific trade
.* The Seattle Times, June 27, 2012
*What's Behind Canada's Entry into the Trans-Pacific Parternship
* Toronto Star, June 24, 2012.
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