Tuesday, September 04, 2012

[PDI] Update/Reminder: A Discussion of the Expanding Role of Money in Politics

Update/Reminder: A Discussion of the Expanding Role of Money in Politics

(Please note that after we had settled on the date and time for this event, Thursday, September 6, 7-9 pm, we found that it conflicted with the Obama acceptance speech at the Democratic convention. Nevertheless we will hold the panel discussion as originally scheduled. Thus we will have the event even if very few people attend. Citizens may record Obama's speech for viewing later; also the Democrats may still change the time of the Obama speech).

For more information, contact:
Robert Tracy, Director, Elmhurst MovetoAmend
166 E. Lake St., Unit F
Elmhurst, IL 60126
Email: Elmhurst@MoveToAmend.org (you may need to copy this email address into your email program)
Phone: 630-484-1555

In 2010, the Supreme Court decided (5 to 4) Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission to uphold freedom of speech of corporations in political elections. They decided that: 1) corporations are persons and merit protection under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, and 2) money equals speech.

The Court concluded that corporations have the right to spend money without limit in political elections from their general treasuries, thereby eliminating the effectiveness of existing disclosure regulations. There should be no surprise that corporations and wealthy persons are now spending huge amounts of money to influence elections. A conservative estimate indicates $2 to $5 billion may be spent during this election season.

Many feel that our Democracy and Government, meaning the politicians, are being bought by wealthy individual and corporate interests in an unprecedented way since the Citizens United ruling. What are the full implications of the ruling, and what can citizens do to help make Democracy healthier?

What: Maryam Judar, community lawyer at Citizen Advocacy Center, will moderate a non-partisan discussion of the Expanding Role of Money in Politics. One topic to be included: THE CITIZENS UNITED DECISION: UPHOLDING FREE SPEECH OR DIMINISHING DEMOCRACY?

When: Thursday, September 6, 7-9 pm
Where: 182 N. York Street, Elmhurst, IL (Citizen Advocacy Center)
RSVP: Phone 630-833-4080 or Email cac@citizenadvocacycenter.org
For more information: Email Robert Tracy at Elmhurst@MoveToAmend.org or 630.484.1555

Come and participate!

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