Saturday, November 03, 2012

[PDI] Fwd: Kucinich Action: Extending Our Efforts for Additional Candidates

Hi all. . . .

How about a "money bomb" for select local candidates via Kucinich's new
Action PAC instead of Ron Paul or big money-controlled Tea Partiers for
a change??? Every little bit helps, because as you know, Kucinich ain't
made of money.

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Kucinich Action


Dennis Kucinich

Throughout the week, our Kucinich Action PAC has been extending its
efforts by supporting the top additional candidates of your choice.
These individuals will be the leaders for next year's Congress as our
movement seizes this opportunity to influence and revamp our political
landscape. With just a few days remaining to Election Day, we are
continuing to support our "Champions for Change" with a vigorous /Get
out the Vote/ effort.

Through Our Movement's tireless action empowering these candidates to
win in their elections, we help to transform politics in our nation in
order to achieve equality, economic justice, better educational
opportunities, health care for all, and prosperity through a lasting peace.

*Please help Kucinich Action PAC - in a victory for all people.*

Thank you,



Paid for by Kucinich Action PAC.

PO Box 110475 | Cleveland | OH | 44111 | 216-252-9000


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