Monday, August 30, 2010

[PDI] Emergency help for mom and five kids -DuPage

Kathy Slovick of DAWN, DuPage Against War Now, rec'd an emergency cry for help on a mom who has been involved for a long time in justice issues in DuPage. She has serious financial problems.
Of much greater concern to me is her daughter and five children, ages 10 to 6 mos. She has lost her job, ill-advisedly left her apartment before being evicted to save her credit rating ?, and now is staying in a hotel for $55/night. Dave and I have donated 60 for one night. Another peace person is sending money for a couple nights through snail mail.
I have involved Diane Nilan a homlessness expert who helped found Hesed House. She runs her own nonprofit. She is taking money for this mom at the link below -- TAX DEDUCTIBLE, SECURE TRANSACTION - and her five kids to stay in the hotel until we can figure out where she can go. 100% of donated funds will go towards this. I have to say that just a few phone calls and my heart is really ready to break. The woman has no ac in her car. Diane who is a pro said she got referred to the Humane Society. In Aurora I was a student teacher and there was a boy who was homeless with his mom. This does happen a lot. Many of us are either broke or nearly so. If you have a pastor or social service advocate you know who can help email me. Thanks, peace & justice people.

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