Friday, August 27, 2010

[PDI] Please read this and call if if you can help, Legislative forum on Human Services, Hallowed Ground

Hi guys, I don't pass these types of requests along as a rule, but this is someone that has been on our e-list for a long time.
She normally crusades against injustice on behalf of others. This time she is the one who needs help. If anyone is in a position to help her, please think about calling her. K
D'Anne Burley 1-630-313-0545
Please I am in the worse place ever. I called every Church and government agency locally and was refused aid. As you know I am ill, I sought work for years and because of health and age I am seemingly unemployable but I keep trying and was using my car to do any odd job to get some money because I can not get work which I could do from my computer where I stay. right now I am $2500 behind with my rent and the car I was using is not working. I drove it to the ground attempting to stay<> has over 254,000 miles on it no opening windows, one door which has not opening parts and there is no air within it. Can not get it repaired therefore the little work I was doing I can not do. I went to the State Representative Office in my town she called all over as well and was told also I did not quality for state operated programs she is still calling for me. I told her the other day that the township office refused to help me even though I have been in the area for over 2yrs they claim I am not a resident because I am in a hotel but I can vote here and the census people came to get information from me because I am listed as a resident. So I am pleading that those of you who listen to my program and those of you within my e-mail list can help please.
My daughter is also going on the streets today as well she was working for 2 1/2 yrs within her company and was let go she has 5 children and is in another hotel in another town today by noon she will be on the street as well. At one point she had no car but one agency got her a very old which also has no air and is rusted out so bad the brake system is not working well. Again by noon she will be in the car, she just located work part time, but has no babysitter and if she leaves and can not get help she will be in the car with the children. I helped her all I could and because of my health I can not take care of the children right now.

My health also got worse because of the high heat in my car which caused the car to reach over 150 degrees at times so I ended up in the hospital twice within the past few months so please if you can find it in your heart to help me I have nothing no money not a dime and she doesn't either.

Over the years I had reported all I could to help those of you to get your story heard I do not get paid and I have no commercials to help me paid for living which is one of the things that makes things work for talk show host, I was on WVON WJJG and others but I had no commercials to keep those programs going this is because it was hard for me to get around and get those commercials from area businesses. During the time I was in the hospital a company called Lease Financial Group overdrafted and shutdown my bank account these people have been involved in defrauding businesses and I have been working to shut them down but they caused me great harm as I was living on nothing anyway.

I am not asking for a lot of money but anything that you can do and I need the help as soon as possible because we both with be on the street today with nothing and no where to help if I heard that you were in the same position I would do everything to help as I did from those who were under attack and who could not get their story within the mainstream media please if you can send whatever you have into my account and or by western union and or whatever. Its going back to 90 degree again here all never which and we don't know what to do please. thank you to those of you who can help

D'Anne Burley 1-630-313-0545<> please contact me before 9 and or 10am if you are considering to help us.
Press Release

DuPage Work Group Legislative Forum

Thursday, Sept.2, 2010 Council Chambers
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Municipal Center
400 S. Eagle St.
Naperville, IL 60540

The purpose of this forum is to give state legislative candidates an opportunity to share with DuPage County voters their positions on Illinois├ó€™ critical human service issues facing individuals with disabilities and/or mental illness and how the candidates would advocate for these issues in Springfield.

State Legislative Candidates attending forum:

48th District, Rep. Michael Connelly
48th District, Ms. Barbara Green
55th District, Gregory Brownfield
95th District, Rep. Mike Fortner
95th District, Ms. Maria Owens
96th District, Rep. Darlene Senger

42nd District, Rep. Sandra Pihos
42nd District, Ms. Kathryn Vlahos
45th District, Ms. JoAnn Franzen
46th District, Ms. Deborah Conroy
47th District, Rep. Patricia Bellock
47th District, Mr. Bob Mueller
47th District, Mr. James Speta

City of Naperville

DuPage Center for Independent Living
DuPage Family Disability Network (DFDN)
DuPage Federation on Human Services Reform
Family Support Network
Little Friends, Inc.
National Association for Downs Syndrome
NAMI of DuPage County Illinois
PACT, Inc.
Parents Alliance Employment Project
Ray Graham Association
SEA (Supported Employment Associates)
SEASPAR (South East Association for Special Parks and Recreation)
The Arc of Illinois
Western DuPage Special Recreation Association (WDSRA)

RSVP to Steve Boisse at PACT, Inc.,<> or 331-481-4203
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