Monday, September 05, 2011

[PDI] Rigging the markets explained

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GREAT ARTICLE!! (Kind on the same lines of William Black's "The Best Way
to Rob a Bank Is to Own One.")

Link to it is in blue text below. Be sure to read the reader comment
about ICE!!! Forward article link widely.

If you can afford to come to the conference, sign up Before Sept 23 when
the price goes up $100. Links below.

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Dear friends,

We extend our wishes for a Happy Labor Day celebration!
We alert you to our latest Huffington Post Article, *Frontrunning
Humanity in the Oil Markets
where we explain how wealthy speculators can manipulate markets with
relatively little risk and we discuss the confusion in Congress about
whether to end such speculation; and how the bank-created money funds
this activity. Combining reasonable "position limits" as Dodd Frank is
supposed to do, (but is neglecting) with ending fractional reserve
banking will eliminate this pernicious "vandalism," that results in
starvation, warfare and death, in the name of free markets. The so
called "free marketeers" have essentially destroyed the word "free" by
such phony ussage.
The 7th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference is going well.* There is
still time to sign up <>! Last
year a number of people tried to sign up on the last day, even at the
door, and we could not allow it. This year again there are no at the
door registrations, and for those who want to register after September
23rd, there is an extra $100 charge to $495 instead of $395, because
it's harder to get them registered.

You can register by email, or through PayPal until September 25th. After
that it must be by phone at 224-805-2200. From today on do not try to
register by postal mail, as we are in Chicago preparing the Conference.
The Conference is again at University Center, 525 State Street, Chicago,
IL 60605, from Thursday afternoon, Sept. 29th through Sunday morning,
Oct. 2nd. See the latest schedule at

*Some highlights:*
*Professor Joseph Huber of Germany,*who works with**the great*James
Robertson* of the UK.

*Michael Hudson **will focus on key international monetary events to
watch for.
**Ben Dyson**will be here from the successful Positive Money movement of
the UK.
**William Bergman,**Federal Reserve System whistleblower will present
for us.
*Prof. Kaoru Yamaguchi*will make his updated system dynamic presentation
on how the American Monetary Act (and Kucinich's National Employment
Emergency Defense (NEED) Act, HR 6550) will:
** Pay off the national debt as it comes due;
*** Provide the funding for our infrastructure needs (solving the
unemployment problem);*
*** and do this without inflation!
This year the Room will hold 120 people in comfort, with new
"schoolroom" type tables. We're expecting to sign up several
participants to organize and become AMI Chapter Leaders in their hometowns!

Sign up at the link and email it in or on line at

If you have any questions don't hesitate to phone:*224-805-2200*

*Finally, have you had a look at our recently updated Home Page? Please
check it out at, and do sign up there for these
and other reports through the "become a part of the solution" box!

*Warm regards,
Stephen Zarlenga

"Over time, whoever controls the money system
controls the nation."
Stephen Zarlenga
American Monetary Institute
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