Sunday, September 18, 2011

[PDI] YOU"RE INVITED!! Thursday Evening Discover How We Can Wage Peace Instead of Perpetual Wars for Profit

You're Invited - PLEASE COME and PLEASE Forward widely.

WHAT: Interactive discussion on how to create jobs for everyone while
reducing government debt and ending wars for profit
WHERE: Multikulti, 1000 N. Milwaukee, Chicago
WHEN: Thursday, September 22, 2011, 7pm-9:30pm (Join us for our meeting
at 7pm and stay for the Jazz Concert at 10)
WHY: Exploring what proper monetary reform is and why it is the basis
for economic and social justice
WHO: Chicago Chapter of the American Monetary Institute

$2 donation requested, not required


We will share clips of films and host a conversation revolving around
concepts of money, the differences between public and private issue of
fiat money along with the circumstances under which gold or other
commodities serve as money - and how a proper monetary system can
provide jobs and economic justice for everyone without funding perpetual
wars for profit.

Join us for our meeting at 7pm (and stay for the Jazz Concert at 10).

Contact Geri at 708-460-5683

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