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[PDI] FW: Great News on Keystone Pipeline


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Dear Daniel,
Please take action. Thank Obama Administration for rejecting the Keystone XL permit.
Great news! Moments ago, the Obama administration announced they would reject the permit on the controversial 1,700-mile oil sands pipeline project, Keystone XL.

While the State Department is leaving the door open for TransCanada to develop future plans for an alternative pipeline route, this is a victory. Thank you to the nearly 40,000 online EDF activists who took action opposing the pipeline. Your voice was heard.

Now, please take a moment to thank President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for rejecting the Keystone permit.

More Background

If you care about clean air, clean water, clean energy, and a safer climate future, the Keystone XL pipeline is a terrible idea. Among other things, the pipeline would:
Transport tar sands oil – an exceptionally dirty kind of oil known as diluted bitumen – 1,700 miles from Canada's boreal forest to American refineries in Texas.
Cut across the already-stressed Ogallala Aquifer, one of the largest aquifers in the world and a critical source of fresh water for more than 2 million Americans and the U.S. High Plains' agricultural industry – part of America's "breadbasket."
Bisect the Sandhills of Nebraska, 1.3 million acres of wetlands and home to more than 1,000 species of mammals, birds, fish, and plants.
Accelerate the refining of the gooey toxic tar sands oil, which generates more global warming pollution per barrel than conventional oil.
Simply put, the Keystone XL project would endanger wildlife and communities along the route and imperil our clean energy and climate future.

Please email your thanks to President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton for this tremendous victory for our environment.

Thank you for your support,

Steve Cochran
Vice President, Climate and Air

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