Sunday, January 01, 2012

[PDI] Upcoming Article & Effort on Facebook

Dear friends,

I have not sent any messages to this email list in about 3 years.

If some of you are wondering why this absence, it is mainly because
what I wrote was based on research, some of the research was intense
and for about two years it was all I did for no pay. I rejoined the
workforce four years ago and worked at rebuilding my life.

I have only written two articles during that period "Obama -
America's second chance or is it its last?" was written about three
years ago.
The article was picked up by many websites and can be found at this
The second article was "Enough is Enough" in which I incorporate my
work and that of Ed Haas in a complete timeline and narrative of the
crimes committed by the Bush administration and capitalized on by the
Obama administration.

The Obama article was researched and published prior to Obama's
election as president and is still relevent if you would care to read
it. It was clear to me that Obama would not be the peace president, on
the cotrary, he would expand wars. By the way, if you think we are out
of Iraq for good, think again, there is still a back door wide open,
it was that back door that allowed us in in the first place. If the
Kurdish region is threatened and if the Kurdish leadership asks for
American intervention, we would be back there in the blink of an eye.

The upcoming article is a re-examination of "with us or against us",
world realignment, and the global 1%.

One thing that had attracted my attention starting about a year ago,
it is the injustice that many young Arab and Muslim Americans are
subjected to through selective prosecution.

The crimes they are accused of do not even compare to those committed
by the Bush Administration; you can find a link to "Enough is Enough"
within the facebook pages below or by visiting {}

Two pages on Facebook have been started

Also, within these pages, there is a petition that is begging to be
signed; please sign and forward to a friend, the goal is 20,000. If
you are a facebook member, you can contact me through facebook too.

Finally, hope, you are all well and that 2012 is truly a year of

Warmest regards,
Maher Osseiran


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