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Subject: [MCM] As Kucinich exits (trounced beyond belief), MSM
chortles at his "wackiness" (for, like, believing in the Bill of
Rights) (2)
Date: Sunday, March 11, 2012, 4:17 AM

By *Brad Friedman <>* on 3/9/2012
Kaptur Defeats Kucinich 94% to 4% on 100% Unverifiable E-Vote
Systems in Toledo, OH? <>
Is that even plausible?...
Earlier today, we highlighted Rachel Maddow's latest report on the
"GOP War on Voting" <> which, among
many other important things, referenced the ridiculously close
results from Ohio's GOP Presidential Primary last Tuesday as
currently reported, and the fact that there are still a bunch of
untallied votes there even today for some unknown reason. Her point
in noting the slim margin is to underscore the very serious effect
that new Republican voter-suppression laws are likely to have on not
just the Presidential race this year, but also on State and local
races as well.
But one of the items she does not note about Ohio's reported tally,
and which I've been /trying/ to get more information on since
Tuesday night, is some of the actual reported numbers out of the
U.S. House Primary race between progressive Reps. Marcy Kaptur and
Dennis Kucinich. Their Congressional Districts were combined by the
recent Republican redistricting there, so they were forced to face
off in last Tuesday Democratic primary.
Kaptur reportedly won the race, according to the numbers posted on
the Ohio Sec. of State's website
Those results, summarizing the numbers in each of the five districts
which now make up Ohio's new 9th Congressional District, include
these reported results out of Lucas County (Toledo):

Now Toledo is Kaptur's current district, so it might make sense for
her to win a lopsided victory there. Kucinich reportedly won handily
in his own Cuyahoga County district of Cleveland by a 72.5% to 24%
But really? 94% to 3.7% over Kucinich in Lucas County? 22,269 votes
to just 870 votes? Those are /Saddam Hussein-like/ numbers. Are they
even plausible? I've been trying to learn more and would certainly
welcome any input from folks who know the politics in that area of
the state better than I do. If there is a perfectly reasonable
explanation for those results, I'm certainly open to hearing it.
Unfortunately, all Lucas County voters are forced to vote
on 100% unverifiable Diebold touch-screen voting machines on
Election Day. So whatever the numbers /really/ should have been will
ultimately remain unknown, as it's strictly impossible to determine
if even one vote, /ever/ cast on any such voting machine, for /any/
candidate or initiative on /any/ballot, in /any/ election, has
/ever/ been recorded accurately as per /any/ voter's intent.
Some 20 to 30% of voters across the nation will still be forced ---
shamefully, even after all that we now know about these oft-failed,
easily-hacked machines --- to cast their ballots on the very same
and other similarly 100% unverifiable voting systems on Election Day
during the 2012 Presidential Election.
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