Wednesday, March 07, 2012

[PDI] You're invited - Making Sense of the Diet Wars Presentation Saturday March 10, 9:30am

Please come, and bring a friend.

WHAT: Making Sense of the Diet Wars ("Nourishing foods" lunch potluck
following presentation)
WHO: Geraldine Perry
WHEN: Saturday March 10 at 9:30 am
WHERE: Evangelical Covenant Church of Elgin, directions


What does it take to optimize health, nourish (not just feed) the world,
and save local economies and the environment? Unfortunately not what
most of us assume or have been led to believe.

This presentation will arm you with the kind of historical and
scientific information you need in order to wend your way through the
multiplying minefields of the Diet Wars which daily compete for our
attention and our pocketbooks. Topics include the many environmental and
health problems associated with grains, as well as the reasons why
strict plant-based diets and low fat diets not only ignore the basic
biological principles of human health but also come with a long list of
tragic and terrifying consequences, some not recognized until it is too

Of course, any discussion of diet must also take into account the
undeniable relationship between human health and soil health, itself a
key barometer of planetary health. Join us to discover the universal
requirements of human health, as these apply to and obey the laws of Nature.

$3 donation to Traditional Nutrition appreciated, not required.

NB: "Nourishing foods" potluck following presentation. If you'd like to
contribute to the potluck and need ideas see:

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