Sunday, October 31, 2010

[PDI] Fwd: Fear, Hate, Racism and the Pain of 9/11

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Good Example IMO of what I call the Ron Paul Phenomenon. Moreover, this
phenomenon seems to have morphed into the Tea Party Phenomenon, which
was co-opted early on and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Evil
Empire. Its tactics include distractions with subtle appeals to hate,
and other negative emotions.

Again DK needs help. Do what you can, and forward to others who want to
see true monetary reform (which will represent a monumental power shift
AWAY from the big banks - exactly the reason he is targeted).

geri p

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Dennis Kucinich -

Fear, Hate, Racism and the Pain of 9/11

Dear Friends,

Cleveland is the epicenter of a sub-prime meltdown with an extraordinary
level of foreclosures and a very high level of unemployment.

My Republican opposition has thrown into this mix the politically
incendiary issue of immigration through radio ads, telephone calls,
electronic billboards and direct mail.

*Here is a link to one of several gutter level distortions that are
appearing in mailboxes across the district.

Additionally, my supporters in the district who have chosen to put up
lawn signs in support of my candidacy are receiving at their door
anonymous circulars which can only be described as menacing, aimed at
stirring up hate, racism and the pain of 9/11

We have three days to go until the election. *Your contributions*
<> have enabled us to buy TV and radio time
to respond to these attacks.

*Click here to hear our radio ad and view our ad for TV.

Anything you can contribute between now and Monday morning will enable
us to increase the size of our media buy and perhaps even create more ads.

I'm heartened by the response to my campaign's appeal over the last two
days. People really do care. People really do want a government that's
decent and fair. People want a nation that *IS* courageous, that seeks
unity, that tries to live the deeper meaning of democracy.

Thank you, so much for everything that you do to keep these sentiments


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