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[PDI] Fwd: Special presentation on this Tues 10/5 and action day on Sunday 10/10

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Subj: Special presentation on this Tues 10/5 and action day on Sunday 10/10

This Tuesday on 10/5 there will be a presentation about...
How Can Politics Rise to the Environmental Challenges Before Us?
Featuring: Dr. Fred Van Dyke
Followed by Q&A with local environmental leaders
Do you care about the health of our planet? Frustrated at the political
gridlock that keeps good clean energy legislation from passing year after
year? Interested in exploring solutions to move us forward?
Then bring your friends and join us and other local environmental leaders
for an evening of discussion and action in collaboration with _350.org_
( 's Global Work Party. Congressional Candidate Ben Lowe will
be present and there will be information on local environmental efforts,
along with light refreshments.
When: Tuesday, October 5, 7-8:30pm
Where: 26 N Park Ave, Lombard, IL
1 block west of Main St and 1 block north of St Charles Rd

and only 1 block north of Lombard's Metra station
Who: It is free to attend and ALL are WELCOME.
And in honor of _350.org_ ( 's Global Work Party there will
be an Environmental Work Day on Sunday 10/10/10 at 2PM at the Great
Western Trail in Carol Stream, IL.
Volunteers are needed for the trail cleanup.
Garbage bags will be provided. Please bring work gloves because some
litter has sharp edges. Wagons or carts to help move the filled bags would be
The Great Western Trail at Schmale Rd in Carol Stream, IL parallels North
Ave to the south by approximately 1/2 mile.
Parking is available east of Schmale on Burns Street in Carol Stream, IL.
For more information on the Great Western Trails and ongoing efforts to
protect them go to _www.friendsofthegreatwesterntrails.com_

For more information about Ben Lowe and his campaign
for Congress go to _www.loweforcongress.com_
All are welcome to join us!
For more info about the Environmental Action Day please contact Don
Voluntary Chairman Friends of the Great Western Trails email
_frndsgrtwstntrl@aol.com_ ( mobile 630-853-7650
Please feel free to pass along this email and the one page attachment.
Get more information on efforts to protect our trees, trails and trail
users including the wildlife at these sites on the web:
* _
* _www.friendsofthegreatwesterntrails.com_
* _

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