Wednesday, April 06, 2011

[PDI] FW: BREAKING: Victory in Wisconsin!


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BREAKING NEWS: We did it!! Together, progressives defeated Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's choice for state Supreme Court -- and won back the "swing" vote that could soon decide whether Walker's anti-worker bill is illegal.    
The margin was 204 votes! And in the last week, members of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America made 96,945 phone calls to targeted voters through our "Call Out The Vote" program. 
It's undeniable: PCCC members like you made the difference and helped win this important race.
Please spread the word about this progressive victory on Facebook by clicking here and on Twitter by clicking here.)
Now we have to finish the job. When we win the upcoming recall elections against Republicans in Wisconsin it will have ripple effects across the nation -- showing that working families will hold Republicans accountable for their war on the middle class.
We're increasing our pro-recall TV ad buy in Wisconsin today to keep up the pressure, and we will keep going as long as folks keep chipping in $3. You can see our ad and donate here.
Or, click here to listen to the special briefing we just held with "Wisconsin 14" senators Mark Miller and Chris Larson -- where they talk about yesterday's election and the recall fight ahead.
Today, we achieved a huge victory. Thanks for being part of it –- and for being a bold progressive.
-- Stephanie Taylor, Adam Green, Jason Rosenbaum, Michael Snook, Keauna Gregory, Amanda Johnson, Neil Sroka, Matt Wall, Matt Burgess, Abby Blum, Shaunna Thomas, Kari Thurman, Chris Snook, Taylor Sappington, Allie Carter, Jake Conarck, DeVeria Flowers, and the rest of the PCCC team

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