Monday, April 25, 2011

[PDI] Movie: Gasland

I've just watched the documentary Gasland, about the natural gas fracking industry.

The sheer scale of environmental destruction is mind-numbing.

We're not even talking about future discussion; this is about destruction that's already happened, across numerous states around the country.

Most of Illinois is sitting atop one of these massive shale formations. I have no idea if any fracking has happened in Illinois yet. Worse, it may not have to happen in Illinois for our State to be impacted.

The flow of water and wind doesn't know about the lines people draw on maps. It just plain happens, and nobody can tell water or wind to stop at the State line.

People think fracking dangers are just about ground water. They're not. Many of the toxins are evaporated into the atmosphere and go where the wind blows.

If anyone wants to borrow this DVD, they're welcome to. You should know this story. It's the biggest gaping hole in environmental protection that exists.


Dan Stafford

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