Thursday, August 11, 2011

[PDI] FW: It's Time To Storm The Town Halls


T-shirts say "Read my lips: Tax the rich!"

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Want to give Teabaggers a shock? Wear this to the Town Hall:
Yes, I'll Support The Other 98% In This Effort.
Dear Daniel,
Congressional recess is under way, and you know what that means:
It's time to take over your Congressional Town Halls and make your voice heard over the Teabaggers.
That's why we made brand-new t-shirts to wear to your local Congressional Town Hall, to let your Rep know it's time to listen to O98ers, not Tea Party Fanatics.
Let's send this message to our elected officials:
It's time to push back hard against the Tea Partiers' continued attempts to hold our country and our economy hostage. It's time to make some noise of your own.
And because we understand time is of the essence, we're upgrading our usual shipping service: any t-shirts ordered by 4pm Eastern/1pm Pacific on Thursday will be shipped Priority on Saturday.
Thank you for everything you do to support our democracy.
John Sellers, The Other 98%
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