Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[PDI] You're invited to a critical conference with ideas to help Stop the Misdirection of Ill-conceived Economic "solutions" ( Fwd: To Friends of the American Monetary Institute)


Even if you can't attend this year's conference do check out the
schedule of speakers and topics. And question why it is that so few have
heard of Dennis Kucinich's NEED ACT.

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*Dear Friends of the American Monetary Institute,*

Tomorrow, Thursday August 18th is the deadline for the final
conference discount of $50!

This is an important conference. Folks we saw how our government was
turned into merde by posturing characters pretending to solve a phony
debt crisis. Hard to imagine it could get any worse? Well it has! Now a
nutty Texas Governor has threatened Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke with
assasination, if he dares to do a necessary part of his job - expand the
money supply.

Friends this is no way to let America be misdirected.

These are both examples of how ill conceived Economic theories are being
used - some knowingly and intentionally - to harm our country. Some of
our conference speakers will examine how such nonsense is stopped
through education and identification. Join us!

If you register for the 7th Annual AMI Monetary Reform Conference
postmarked by, August 18th, it's $345, a $50 discount! (full price is
$395). Register at

The growing list of speakers <>
features some world renowned people including
Professor Kaoru Yamaguchi, System Dynamics expert who has modeled the
American Monetary Act and Professor Joseph Huber of Germany who works
with the great James Robertson will be speaking!

*Stephen Zarlenga

"Over time, whoever controls the money system
controls the nation."
Stephen Zarlenga
American Monetary Institute
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