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[PDI] FW: Office burned down. Solidarity survived.


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An office burns down. The spirit survives.
Stand in solidarity with Wisconsin.
Last weekend, a fire burned down a local Wisconsin headquarters of the campaign to recall Republican senators.
Look at the picture of the wreckage closely. The office burned down. But the spirit of solidarity with Wisconsin workers miraculously survived.
Next Tuesday, we don't need a miracle in Wisconsin. We need a people-powered victory for workers everywhere.
Tomorrow, I'll be joining a conference call with national volunteers who are part of the "Call Out The Vote" phone bank into Wisconsin. Can you join us and make calls from home?
Yes -- show me "Call Out The Vote" shifts!
No -- but I can chip in $5 to fuel the recall campaign in the final 5 days.
"Call Out The Vote" is a great program run by the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America.
This fight is about workers. It's about families. It's about money being taken from the middle class to fund tax cuts for big corporations.
It's also about political accountability. We need to win this. 
Please sign up to help make calls before Tuesday's big election. (Or chip in $5 to fuel this campaign in the final 5 days.)
This is your chance to make a difference.
-- Alan Grayson
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