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[PDI] FW: Insider Trading In the Halls of Congress -- End it now


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I helped elect this lady to Congress in the early 1960s in Rochester, N.Y. She has been a persistent and consistent representative for progressive causes like this one.  She is now chair person of the House Rules Committee. 

Could you forward this on to your address list for Progressive Democrats of Illinois to help build an organized effort to take back our country and stop our representatives from representing themselves instead of us?

Thanks for your help.

Doug Donnan

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Subject: Insider Trading In the Halls of Congress -- End it now

Insider Trading In the Halls of Congress --  End it NOW!
Hi Friend,
Last Sunday, 60 Minutes reported on a shocking loophole in our laws that has outraged me for years-and I'm sure it will outrage you, too. It is currently LEGAL for members of Congress and their staffs to engage in "insider trading"-buying and selling stocks based on privileged information that's hidden from other investors and the American public. Insider trading is illegal for everyone else, but members of Congress have free reign to engage in this behavior and profit from their roles as representatives of the people. It's unfair and it's wrong.
You can watch the 60 Minutes segment here.
I've been concerned about this issue for many years and, in 2006, I introduced a bill called the STOCK Act, which would finally outlaw insider trading among members of Congress. Since then, I've worked to move this bill forward in every session of Congress, and every time it has garnered little support.
I've been urging my colleagues to pass the STOCK Act and outlaw insider trading NOW. It's important that we spread the word on this outrageous loophole so please forward this email to a friend by using the link to the right. I also hope you'll make a show of support for my efforts by making a contribution to my campaign, which you can do by going here. Your contribution of $25, $50, or even $100 will help me to ensure that Washington works for all of us, not just the insiders and those in power. Make your contribution online here today.
Thanks to 60 Minutes, we have renewed momentum for this bill. Even GOP stalwarts like Rick Perry and Eric Cantor have said they support bans on unethical activity-like insider trading-in Congress.
But it's time for politicians to do more than just talk about reform. We don't need any more statements of outrage. We need to pass this bill. As Governor Perry should know, there's nothing worse than being "all hat and no cattle." It's time for Congress to outlaw insider trading once and for all.
I'm doing everything I can to clean up Washington and level the playing field-and I need your help. I hope you'll forward this email to others-and I would be very grateful for your support, as well. You can make a contribution online by going here today.
Thank you for all that you do.
In Solidarity,
p.s. I continue to fight everyday to ensure Washington works for you.  Can you join me by donating $10, $25, or even $100 today?
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