Monday, November 07, 2011

[PDI] Is it just me that is amazed when...

...the State of Mississippi can vote on whether a "person" is
flash-formed the moment a sperm cell lands on an egg cell
<>, but no one can vote on whether
persons are really flash formed the moment pen hits paper (or fingers
hit keyboards) on an incorporation request form. (Which, according to
Thom Hartmann <>,
was a problem created in the late 1800's when a railroad baron's crony
falsified the summary of a U.S. supreme Court decision that said exactly
the opposite)

And people thought it was strange when Isaac Asimov write "Centennial
Man," the story of a robot so intelligent that it went to court and
requested to be declared a person under the law.

Truth really is nuttier than fiction, and may the paper-people pushers
all burn in Hell. If that place exists, that is...



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