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I know that getting email after email is annoying, but not nearly as annoying as being kept up all night and forced to walk in circles in order not to be ticketed for exercising your first amendment rights!

Rahm Emanuel proves time after time that he is unwilling to listen to the city of Chicago, preferring instead to listen to the 1%.  Good thing there are other places to turn.

Gov.  Quinn (who has voiced his support for the Occupy Movment, even if it was asking for help against ComEd) is taking phone calls from concerned citizens who want to speak on behalf of Occupy Chicago and the rest of the 99%.  Just tell them you want to voice your support, and you can give a short message as well if you like.  It's a time where you can actually talk to a living, breathing human being, and make sure your VOICE is heard.  

Quinn's office phone: 1-217-782-0244

Please call, for all of us.  

Thank you.

(They really do tally the number of calls they recieve. so be sure to call!)

p.s. A lot of you wondered how you can help #occupychi.

I encourage you to help first by going to Jackson and LaSalle, and donating your time.  If you cant:

 To donate directly to them, go to:

To join or donate to a care group, dedicated to giving #occupychi supplies, go to: 

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