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[PDI] Fwd: Congressman Kucinich: Why I Support Norman Solomon for Congress


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Congressman Kucinich: Why I Support Norman Solomon for Congress

Dear Friend,

I'm writing you in support of one of the top peace candidates
for Congress anywhere in the country: the internationally-known
and respected antiwar advocate and author, NORMAN SOLOMON. It is
important that you help to elect him.

Norman and I have been friends for almost 15 years. He is a
powerful intellectual, a gifted writer and an activist who is
willing to put himself on the line for the principled causes of
peace, justice and the environment.

He will be one unique member of Congress ... but he won't get
here without your help NOW.

Norman is a true progressive. He is an independent thinker. Too
many Democrats go along with outrageous military spending,
deadly wars and Wall Street greed, all of which demoralize our
nation, drain our federal treasury and cause resentment around
the world. Norm Solomon is unafraid to stand up and speak out
when others are silent.

Norman will stand up to the Wall Streeters who continue their
high-stakes gambling at public expense. He refuses to take
corporate PAC money or lobbyist donations. That puts him at a
disadvantage in this primary battle. This is where you can help.

As you know, I will not be returning to Congress next year. We
need Norman in Congress so that he can share his insight with
all members. Because of his fierce dedication to the public
interest, Norman will be an instant leader in Congress -- on
war, on bloated military spending, on Wall Street, on threats to
Social Security and Medicare (from either party).

Norman Solomon was an advocate for the 99% -- challenging the 1%
-- before there was an Occupy Wall Street movement. Every
supporter of mine should be a natural supporter of Norman. Help
him carry on the legacy of strong peace and justice advocacy in
the U.S. Congress.

Each of you -- in the next few days -- can make THE DIFFERENCE
for Norman. Voting has already begun by mail. The June 5
election is in your hands. Help Norman's final outreach to
primary voters -- talk to your neighbors about Norman and sign
up for phone banking.

And please send him a last-minute donation before the June 5



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