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[PDI] Rebuild Wisconsin: What happened and what's next

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Dear Daniel,

Wisconsin is ground zero in the fight to save the American Dream. In less
than two weeks, Wisconsin voters will decide whether to recall the infamous
Governor Scott Walker. Everyday people are taking a bold stand against
those who would sell our democracy to the highest bidder, wrecking the
economy while giving away huge tax cuts to the ultra-wealthy. What happens
in Wisconsin affects all Americans.

This past Saturday in Milwaukee, we organized Rebuild Wisconsin to
supercharge get-out-the-vote efforts for the recall election. More than a
thousand people came out for a day of political action infused with culture
and art. (See below for highlights.)

We're proud of what happened last Saturday, but what happens next is what
really matters.

Our partners in Wisconsin tell us that victory is within reach, but this
people-powered campaign needs even more people. They are setting up a
"virtual phone bank" so anyone across the country can volunteer.* No matter
where you live, you can help by calling voters in Wisconsin to remind them
to vote. Can you take a moment and sign up to volunteer?
*Yes, I care about what happens in Wisconsin. Sign me up to help get out
the vote!*<>

Recent polling tells us Scott Walker is neck and neck against Democratic
challenger Tom Barrett. That means one person can make all the difference.
Small numbers of voters will decide who wins or loses.

It's crucial to hit the phones to get out the vote.

*Sign up to join the virtual phone bank with We Are Wisconsin. We're in the
final days of the

Last Saturday, we organized Rebuild Wisconsin to help *recall* Gov. Scott
Walker; to *refund* Wisconsin's social priorities like jobs, education,
healthcare; and to *rebuild* the Dream of a Wisconsin in which everyone has
a fair shot and everyone pays their fair share in the years to come.
[image: Click here to see photos from Rebuild
*Check out these great photos and highlights from Rebuild

A lot of people told us that an event like this -- a multi-racial event
fusing politics and culture -- had never happened before in Milwaukee.

In an election this close, low-income voters and communities of color in
Milwaukee could be the deciding factor. That's why we hosted a local talent
showcase that brought out Milwaukee's up-and-coming hip-hop artists -- as
well the networks of hundreds of young people who listen to them. Our event
inspired young people who otherwise may not have engaged in the recall
election or in the broader political movement.

Congresswoman Gwen Moore and our very own Van Jones were keynote speakers.
Indie-soul-songstress and native Milwaukeean Grace Weber gave an amazing
performance that left no doubt she is a rising national star. Renowned
hip-hop artist and activist Jasiri X debuted "You're Fired," a song
dedicated to Scott Walker that is an anthem for the whole recall election.

This event was more than just a concert and rally -- it was part of a major
GOTV operation. Everyone there plugged their information into the statewide
GOTV database and also named 5 people who they would personally turn out
for the election.

We were honored to partner with some amazing organizations, including: The
League of Pissed Off Voters, Wisconsin Jobs Now, SEIU, We Are Wisconsin, We
Are Milwaukee, and Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

Thank you for joining us -- together, we added a big shot of momentum to
this people-powered campaign. *Now let's win on June

Caroline Murray and the Rebuild the Dream team

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or candidate's agent. Authorized and paid for by Rebuild the Dream.*

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