Friday, May 04, 2012

[PDI] Second economic "dip" imminent --- PLEASE Fwd: AMI Needs your action now!

Hi all,

As you know, many "experts" are now predicting a "second dip" which
could be worse that the first. Bernancke himself suggested that a
perfect storm has been set up which could cause catastrophic harm to our
citizens and our economy (as if that hadn't been done already) by year's

Yet, there is a solution. It's called Constitutional money, embodied
perfectly in the NEED Act, which necessarily includes millions of good
paying jobs and one-time citizen bonuses in order to keep the economy
running -- all while paying down debt! (If you need more info on this
contact me or the source given in the forwarded message below.)

We can't afford to wait for some magic pill or other miracle to arrive.
We are nearing crisis mode. Won't you PLEASE take just two minutes of
your time, read and/or view the short video, linked below, and then
FORWARD to everyone you know, asking - NO, BEGGING - them to do the
same! FYI, the Chicago Teachers Union has endorsed this, as has the
NATIONAL Green Party!!

Geri Perry

-------- Original Message --------

Dear Friends
An important event is now in progress,
which I (Stephen Zarlenga) ask you to help with today.
Two big things were brought together yesterday by Congressman Dennis
Kucinich's video. First please watch Dennis's video, then please repeat
my action and forward this to everyone on your email lists, and ask them
to likewise forward it, and so on. Every working person, member of the
AFL-CIO or not, needs to see this and pass it on now!
Thanks - Please see the video at:

Stephen Zarlenga

"Over time, whoever controls the money system
controls the nation."
Stephen Zarlenga
American Monetary Institute
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