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FW: PDA: Progressive Events in September

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Dear Daniel,
Progressive Events in September
1.  Fighting Bob Fest, an annual Chautauqua featuring progressive speakers,
     networking opportunities, and entertainment.  Sept. 11, Baraboo, WI.
     PDA Chicago members will be attending.  Join us at Bob Fest. 
2.  Federal Coal Ash Hearings to be held Sept 16th, Hilton
    Chicago, 720 Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, 60605
    Coal ash, the nasty stuff left over after coal is burned, is chock full of
    poisonous carcinogens.  These public hearings will help the government
    decide what regulations are needed to keep this stuff out of our
    drinking water. 
    You're invited to attend and testify, on behalf of your organization,
    at the USEPA Coal Ash hearing in Chicago on September 16th.
    To sign up to testify, click Here
3.  National Day of Action for Jobs: September 15, 4:00 P.M.
     Wells & Randolph, Chicago, IL
     Join the National Jobs with Justice Network for a National Day of Action
     for Jobs-right here in Chicago!  Demand a federal jobs program paid for
     by a tax on Wall Street speculation.  Click Here!
4.  One Nation Working Together Oct. 2nd March on Washington D. C.
     150 organizations coming together to demand living wage jobs, quality
     education, equal access to quality health care, redirect war spending
     to domestic needs, and equality for all.
     Information on transportation from Chicago will be coming soon.
5.  Action Alert.  Protect Social Security and Medicare.  Obama's "Misguided
     Deficit Commission is poised to cut popular social programs, in effect
     making the people pay for the debt caused by the wealthy.
     Call Senator Dick Durbin and Rep. Jan Schakowsky, both Commission
     members, and urge them to protect both programs from ill-advised cuts.
Please share any comments or information about these events with us.
Bill Bianchi and Lorin Klugman

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