Saturday, September 04, 2010

[PDI] DAWN Voter Advocates registering voters, Glen Beck Mark Fiore Cartoon, Vanity Fair Palin piece

DAWN Voter Advocates registering voters
Press Release
for Immediate Release

DAWN Voter Advocates , a subgroup of DAWN Community Advocates,
has begun its volunteer effort of registering voters around and about the DuPage County area.
Registration has begun at College of DuPage, and at some events at local Farmer's Markets and special events.
DAWN Community Advocates, formerly DuPage Against War Now, first began in 2002 as a grassroots group united in opposition to the Iraq war. In the Autumn of 2003 a subgroup, DAWN Voter Advocates formed with the goal of registering voters. By November, 2004, the group had registered thousand of new voters, becoming the largest voter registration organization in DuPage County.
DAWN also helped to spearhead Illinois legislation to change Illinois election law, working with the League of Woman Voters Illinois. Senate Bill SBO299, signed into law August 17th, 2007, is the pollwatching bill which permits non-partisan groups to pollwatch and act as extra eyes and ears at the polling places. Formerly pollwatching was limited to partisan interests.

DAWN Voter Advocates went on to garner awards from Citizen Advocacy Center ( CAC ) and IVI-IPO ( Independent Voters of Illinois Precinct Organization) for its efforts to further democracy .
DAWN in 2010 will continue to oppose the war in Iraq, and participate in selected demonstrations and vigils which allow those who wish to express their desire for peace in the Middle East.
Those who wish to express their desire to bring troops home from Afghanistan also can expect to be informed of protests in DuPage County as well.
In addition to advocating peace and registering voters, DAWN will continue with the local advocacy on selected issues of local importance, including freedom of speech issues, ballot questions, and some local environmental issues. Follow some of DAWN's announcements on Facebook.
For more information, check out the website<about:blank> .
Mark Fiore's take on Glen Beck<>
Vanity Fair Palin Piece<>
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