Monday, September 20, 2010

[PDI] If you are dedicated to Peace and Prosperity for ALL, PLEASE join the crusade

YOU are needed!
Monetary reform is the single most important issue facing us and all of
mankind for all time. Our 1000's year-old monetary system is yet again
demonstrating its destructive nature through failing economies and
dissolved and/or rigged governments around the world. Hidden behind
smoke screens are the untold misery and strife that goes hand-in-hand
with such destruction. Taxes, fees and all manner of regulations will
continue to explode, as will privatization of public resources - all in
a futile attempt to keep this inherently unstable system in place.
This can be fixed - provided we the people demand Constitutional money,
properly created and regulated for the benefit of all. As the world's
largest economy, reform MUST begin in the United States.
The idea has been a long time coming, and it thankfully is garnering
support in some political circles. For example, the U.S. Green Party has
included a Monetary Reform Plank in their 2010 Platform which, for the
first time ever, incorporates all 3 of the essential elements of real
reform of our monetary system. Dennis Kucinich, nominally a Democrat,
will be introducing the Monetary Reform Act drafted by the American
Monetary Institute, and Ron Paul, nominally a Republican, has inspired
followers to study monetary reform.
*This is a start, but ONLY a start. PLEASE consider attending the AMI
conference taking place from Sept. 30 through October 3 of this month at
Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago. *At this conference learn how
our monetary system and wars are related - and why we don't need
regulatory reform so much as we need monetary reform. Learn the three
essentials of reform and gather ideas on how to create interest and
recruit real "monetary reformers", plus more.
If you can't attend the conference consider making a small donation,
and/or lending your support in getting its message out. For more info:
thank you,
Geraldine Perry

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