Monday, September 06, 2010

[PDI] Good News For Illinois Renewable Energy

Good News For Illinois Renewable Energy

From the Interstate Renewable Energy Council:
*ILLINOIS -- New Solar Carve-Out Provisions Evoke Industry Drool*
Illinois has enacted legislation (H.B. 6202) that accelerates the solar
carve-out within the state's RPS, which requires 25% renewables by 2025,
for Ameren and ComEd. As a result, for these two utilities, solar must
account for 0.5% of the RPS by 2012, 1.5% by 2013, 3% by 2014 and 6% by
2015 (and subsequent years). The previous carve-out required that solar
account for 6% of the RPS by 2015 without any ramp-up period.
*ILLINOIS -- Residential Right to Bear Solar Established*
Illinois also enacted legislation (H.B. 5429) that prohibits homeowners'
associations, common interest community associations and condominium
unit owners' associations from preventing homeowners from using or
installing solar energy systems. These associations may not deny
homeowners permission to install solar energy systems, but they may
specify the location of the solar energy system, provided such
specifications do not "impair the effective operation" of the system.
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