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[PDI] FW: Freedom for Whom?


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"We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United,
and Move to Amend our Constitution."
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"We, the People of the United States of America, reject the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United, and Move to Amend our Constitution."

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Pending "free trade" deals enslave workers and benefit corporations
Dear friend,
The picnics, parades, and fireworks celebrating our Independence Day have come and gone, and in reality, so has our independence. We are perhaps more enslaved now then we were when we were under the thumb of the British East India Company and the Hudson Bay Company in colonial days. 
Corporations have a long history of interference when it comes to governing.
The current trade deals with Korea, Panama, and Columbia are fast-tracking their way through Congress -- more examples of corporations running amok.
Since NAFTA passed, over 28 million jobs have been exported, yet we still have a growing trade deficit.  In an effort to "balance the trade deficit", even more Americans will see their jobs exported (which is fully supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce).
Why are we going down this road in a period of extended high unemployment?  Why are we going down this road at all?
South Korea 'Free Trade' Deal: Another Funnel for Exploitation
As Obama Meets with Panama's President Martinelli, U.S.-Panama Trade, Tax Agreement Folly Comes into Focus
Why the Free Trade Agreement with Colombia Is Still a Bad Idea 
Watch this episode of Alliance for Democracy's Populist Dialogues with Arthur Stamoulis of the Oregon Fair Trade campaign.

Congress must hear our outrage over these pending deals, or they will pass them. Please call your senators and representatives and tell them:

You oppose the Korea, Panama and Columbia free trade deals.
The deals export American jobs to repressive low-wage countries. (No amount of trade assistance dollars will replace lost jobs.)
You stand on the side of American workers, not multinational corporations, and that you'll be sure to vote accordingly.

Click here for more talking points.

Need contact info?
Find your senators' contact info here.
Find representative's contact info here.
We know that calling our Congress people won't be enough to take our democracy back -- we need a Constitutional Amendment to get corporations out of our elections and our government.

Large corporations are the barrier standing in the way of the democracy we deserve. Don't let them add another brick to that wall. Please make your calls today, and invite your like-minded friends and family-members to join Move to Amendfor a systemic solution to corporate rule.

In solidarity with workers world-wide, 
The Move To Amend Team

Move to Amend
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End Corporate Rule. Legalize Democracy. Move to Amend.
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