Friday, July 22, 2011

[PDI] York PC 112: Chicago Tribune Calls Empty Forecloures "Eyesores & Crime-Magnets"; I Call Them Opportunities To House The Homeless...

Here's the Trib article link:

Doesn't it strike you as criminally insane that we have millions of vacant homes at the same time that millions of people are in "tent cities" or street curbs? What is wrong with this picture? Have we become so callous and heartless?

Why are we not siezing these empty homes via eminent domain and helping Habitat For Humanity and other such charities stretch their strapped budgets?

There are empty houses. There are homeless people. There are construction workers short on jobs.

It's a simple solution. The banks should be donating these homes to States and Charities to pay back their bail-outs and get their property tax payments off the balance sheets, but I guess they're just too greedy.

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