Thursday, July 28, 2011

[PDI] Please pass this one on to everyone that likes the Tea Bag party talk



The leader of the TeaBaggers in IL and supposedly in Congress does not
support his family! Read the article linked above and decide if it isn't worth
a few minutes to call him about it.

Note in the article Walsh's attorney did NOT dispute that Walsh owed child
support just the $ figure. This guy is a BUM (and I cleaned that up) if he
talks it but doesn't support his own family!

After we all send Joe Walsh (DC ofc 202-225-3711 ) a reminder to pay his
court ordered and agreed to support for his own children we should ask every
member of Congress to cut their own benefits before they cut ours. Here is
a way to get their contact info. _

Please pass this on!

Don Kirchenberg
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