Thursday, October 13, 2011

[PDI] FW: EMERGENCY: Bloomberg Trying to Shut Down Occupy Wall Street


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Subject: EMERGENCY: Bloomberg Trying to Shut Down Occupy Wall Street

BREAKING NEWS: The New York Times reports that Mayor Michael Bloomberg may force protesters from Zuccotti Park -- effectively evicting Occupy Wall Street.
We have less than 24 hours to stop it -- please sign this emergency petition.
"Mayor Bloomberg: Respect First Amendment rights. Don't try to evict Occupy Wall Street." Sign here.
Bloomberg is claiming the eviction is "temporary" for "cleaning" the park -- the exact excuse used to permanently end prior protests.
Even if the protesters return, they may have to follow ridiculous new rules like "No sleeping bags" -- completely undercutting the permanent occupation that is raising the nation's awareness of corporate greed.
We need a national groundswell immediately. This petition will be delivered by our friends at MoveOn to Mayor Bloomberg at City Hall tonight.
Over 100,000 people signed this emergency petition in the last couple hours -- please sign here and spread the word.
Thanks for being a bold progressive.
-- Neil Sroka, Kristiane Skolmen, Adam Green, Stephanie Taylor, Forrest Brown, and the PCCC team
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