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[PDI] FW: More on Occupy Wall Street n and Occupy Chicago


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York PC 112: The "Occupy Wall Street" Movement Goes Nation-Wide, Lands In Chicago...
Posted: 01 Oct 2011 03:12 AM PDT
The movement has been perceived as "loose, dis-jointed, un-organized." I have to wonder if that's because the attack on the Middle Class has been waged on so many fronts for so long, that it can't be summed up in a quick slogan, or in three or four bullet-points.

Starting out in New York City's Wall Street district, this loose confederation of fed-up Progressive organizations, trade unions, and financially-distraught individuals seeing little hope for their futures has caught a common meme and started gaining big legs.

NYPD helped it along, in a major way by way of a flashy bit of police brutality, when an NYPD commander with an angry, sneering face decided to walk up and mace several young women who were already penned-up in police mesh and just trying be heard verbally. In this age of video-everywhere, numerous takes on the scene captured it from multiple angles, and also instances of cops bashing protesters heads into parked cars, kneeing their necks on the hard pavement, and punching them in the face. A simple search of "Occupy Wall Street" on YouTube, and you'll be treated to a continuous stream of videos that make a total mockery of civil rights and freedom of speech in modern America.

In all, I think what this protest is most about summed up best as "we demand a fair, equal,  and sustainable future." The protesters are looking to remove corporate influence on the nation's politicians, and to get the government working for the people. They will talk about numerous issues Washington has failed to address, but the root of it all is great wealth buying the political process off at the expense of the vast majority.

The protest is now taking place in cities around the country 24 hours per day, seven days per week, including a protest in Chicago at the Federal Reserve bank branch. You can find information at and in more detail on Twitter under the hash tags (read "search terms") #occupychi and #occupychicago.

The protesters are facing chilly weather, rain, and more, and are in need of jackets, clothing, moral support, and more protesters. Here is a list of what the Chicago protesters are in need of currently:

A list of cities around the country and across the globe with occupation protests follows, sourced from the movement's hub page:

Occupy Chicago
Occupy Cincinnati
Occupy Cleveland
Occupy Columbus, IN
Occupy Columbus, OH
Occupy Evansville
Occupy Indiana
Occupy Indianapolis
Occupy Joplin, MO
Occupy Kansas City
Occupy Michigan
Occupy Minnesota
Occupy OKC
Occupy Omaha
Occupy OSU (Stillwater)
Occupy St. Louis
Occupy Toledo, OH
Occupy Tulsa
Occupy Wisconsin
Occupy Youngstown
Occupy Albany
Occupy Allentown, PA
Occupy Binghamton
Occupy Boston
Occupy D.C.
Occupy Harrisburg, PA
Occupy Hartford, CT
Occupy Huntington, WV
Occupy Maine
Occupy New Haven
Occupy New Jersey
Occupy Norfolk, VA
Occupy Philadelphia
Occupy Pittsburgh
Occupy Providence, RI
Occupy Rochester
Occupy Utica, NY
Occupy Vermont
Occupy Wheeling, WV
Occupy Arkansas
Occupy Asheville
Occupy Atlanta
Occupy Birmingham, AL
Occupy Charlotte
Occupy Clarksville, TN
Occupy Columbia, SC
Occupy Columbus, GA
Occupy Daytona Beach
Occupy Durham
Occupy Florence, SC
Occupy Greensboro
Occupy Jacksonville, FL
Occupy Knoxville
Occupy Lexington, KY
Occupy Louisville
Occupy Memphis
Occupy Mississippi
Occupy Nashville
Occupy New Orleans
Occupy Orlando
Occupy Pensacola
Occupy Raleigh, NC
Occupy Richmond, VA
Occupy Sarasota
Occupy Tallahassee
Occupy Tampa
Occupy Winston Salem
Occupy Albuquerque
Occupy Austin
Occupy Dallas
Occupy El Paso
Occupy Houston
Occupy McAllen, TX
Occupy Phoenix
Occupy San Antonio
Occupy Santa Fe
Occupy Tucson
Occupy Ashland, OR
Occupy Boise
Occupy Chico, CA
Occupy Colorado Springs
Occupy Denver
Occupy Eugene
Occupy Las Vegas
Occupy Long Beach
Occupy Los Angeles
Occupy Montana
Occupy Napa
Occupy Olympia
Occupy Portland
Occupy Riverside
Occupy Sacramento
Occupy Salem
Occupy Salt Lake City
Occupy San Diego
Occupy San Francisco
Occupy San Jose
Occupy Santa Cruz
Occupy Seattle
Occupy Spokane
Occupy Ventura
Occupy Adelaide
Occupy Brisbane
Occupy Cologne
Occupy Cork, Ireland
Occupy Finland
Occupy Frankfurt Germany
Occupy Hamburg Germany
Occupy Manchester | March on the Tory Party Conference
Occupy Melbourne Australia
Occupy Montreal
Occupy Norwich, Norfolk, UK
Occupy Nova Scotia
Occupy Perth
Occupy Stockholm
Occupy Sydney
Occupy the London Stock Exchange
Occupy Tijuana
Occupy Toronto Market Exchange
Occupy Vancouver
All the best, if you work and vote for it,


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