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[PDI] FW: Nov 9: Democracy House Parties Sweep the Nation!


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Good morning Daniel
Our Democracy House Party events are spreading like wildfire across the nation! On November 9 your friends and neighbors will come together to plan local actions for the January 21 anniversary of the Citizens United ruling, and you can join them.
Click the map or this link to find a house party near you!
No party in your town? There's still time to sign up to join Move to Amend, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and our friends at Public Citizen, People for the American Way, Free Speech for People, and Common Cause in a coalition effort for grassroots action across the nation.
November 9th is only two weeks away - but if you sign up now there is still time to use our tools and resources to get the word out to your friends and community about your event.
Move to Amend's goal for these house parties is to orchestrate massive collective
action on January 21 to educate our communities about the negative impacts of
Citizens United and Corporate Personhood and to demand a decisive end to
corporate rule with a Constitutional amendment that clearly states that a corporation
is NOT a person and money is NOT speech!
Ongoing action after your houseparty can include starting a local Move to Amend
Affiliate group in your community and passing a local resolution in your town to build
the numbers needed to force Congress to respond to our movement.
There are lots of other actions you can take too! Check out our Local Action Toolkit
for ideas. 
We can't do it without you!
Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap, David Cobb, Nancy Price, Lisa Graves, Laura Bonham,
Ben Manski, Jerome Scott and George Friday
Move to Amend Executive Committee
PS - Join our next Local Action Webinar Training on Tuesday, November 1. Our topic
will be "Planning Local Actions for January 21" - we'll cover ideas for action you can
do in your community and how to get started! Click here to sign up.

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End Corporate Rule. Legalize Democracy. Move to Amend.
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