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Bob Babcock
10:38pm Oct 20
From our friend, Melisa Urda, Co-Chair of the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project:


Your calls have raised awareness about the need for an in-precinct audit of the vote on election night and SB1299. There was quite a buzz generated and the offices of the Executive Committee and Sen. Mike Noland's office have said--mission accomplished, but please no more calls.

THE GOOD NEWS: There will not be a hearing this Monday, October 24th for SB 1299.

HOW CAN THIS BE GOOD NEWS? Because you created so much attention to the bill, the Executive Committee and Sen. Noland agreed that it would be better to have more time for interested parties to present their testimony--both for and against the bill.

So, a meeting will held with interested legislators, experts, election clerks, and election integrity advocates to talk about the specifics of the bill. This is really a wonderful development.

As of this email, there has been no date set, so we will keep you posted.

So don't go away. In fact, if you are a member of an organization, please ask them to advocate for the bill. A letter from the organization about the need for election integrity would be much appreciated. The more organizations that support the bill, the better the likelihood of it moving to the Senate floor for debate. You can mail the letters to:

Senator Mike Noland--22nd District
M 115 Capitol Building
Springfield, IL 62706

If you have documentation about election integrity (or its inherent lack thereof), that you would like to share, now is your chance.

Thanks to all of you for speaking up. YOU have made a difference!
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