Sunday, February 13, 2011

[PDI] PLEASE SAVE THIS DATE for College of complexes presentation - Bailing out the People, Not the Bankers - Constitutionally!


WHAT: Presentation on Bailing Out the People, Not the Bankers -

WHO: Geraldine Perry, co-author The Two Face of Money

WHEN: Saturday, February 26, 8pm

WHERE: College of Complexes, Lincoln Restaurant, 4008 N. Lincoln Avenue
(intersection of Irving Park & Damen 4000N-2000W)

COST: $3 tuition, plus $5 purchase of food/drink. Free Parking available.

DESCRIPTION: These days it seems everybody and everything needs either
handouts or bail outs, all at taxpayer expense. There's the uninsured,
the unemployed and underemployed, the elderly, the poor, the auto
industry, agribusiness, underwater homeowners, the defense industry and
its new perpetual war on terror, state and local governments, the muni
bond market, and of course the Wall Street bankers. Who could forget the
$4.6 trillion dollar bailout <> of an
assortment of Wall Street companies and banks which has been added to
the taxpayer tab? Is there a better way, one that could create peace and
abundance for all, one that will lead to dramatically lower AND fewer
taxes, one that is firmly rooted in the Constitution itself? Has there
in fact been a solution under our own noses for over 200 years?

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