Monday, February 21, 2011

Re: [PDI] Question of law

Quoting Ron Weiner <>:

> Being drafted is not the same as being owned by any military
> organization,;it is right there in the Constitution where it states that the
> right to bear arms (as in the nation's defense, which is understood) shall
> not be infringed.
> Comparing the draft with slavery is nonsense.

Maybe so, but remember that the amendment reads, "Neither slavery nor
involuntary servitude". If you don't see how the draft clearly *is*
involuntary servitude, then I may need to send Max Klinger over to
have him explain it. (I'm a bit mystified at how the right to bear
arms would translate into the rights of the government to (a) force
you to bear arms, (b) tell you what to do with those arms, and (c)
throw you into prison, where you are no longer entitled to armaments
of any kind, if you don't comply; but to make it moot I'll just point
out that the Thirteenth Amendment overrides anything contrary to it in
the original body or in a previous amendment.)

As for a precise definition of slavery, I doubt that you'll find one.
There might be court cases in which gray areas were hashed out, but
the general thought is that we know it when we see it.

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