Friday, February 10, 2012

[PDI] FW: A party in Saint Charles that'll scare Wall Street


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Subject: A party in Saint Charles that'll scare Wall Street

A 99% Movie Party:
Sunday in Saint Charles

Host: Pam V., MoveOn member

Where: St. Charles (in Saint Charles)

When: Sunday, Feb. 12, at 2:00 PM

Can you come?
Click below for more details and to RSVP:

I can come.

Sorry, I can't make it this time, but keep me updated on the campaign.

What: This Sunday at 2 p.m., I'm hosting a MoveOn movie party to watch the Academy Award-winning documentary Inside Job. The film explains how Wall Street destroyed the economy and cost millions of Americans their homes, jobs, and retirements. I'm excited to host because the film will spark more interest and action locally on issues that matter to the 99%. Can you make it on Sunday at 2 p.m. in Saint Charles?

 MoveOn is committed to nonviolence in the long tradition of protest movements throughout our history that have brought America closer to our founding dream—liberty and justice for all. As progressives, we respect all people and do not support or endorse any violence or property destruction.

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