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[PDI] FW: Recall Scott Walker


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Continue the Wisconsin solidarity. Chip in $4 to recall Gov. Scott Walker.
This is Wisconsin State Senator Chris Larson, one of the "Wisconsin 14." One year ago today, we left the state to stop Governor Scott Walker from turning his war on workers into law.
The weeks we spent away from our family and friends empowered a movement back home -- with people all across Wisconsin standing up for workers.
With the help of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and many others, we turned anger into accountability. We won two victories in the August recall elections, turning the Wisconsin 14 into the Wisconsin 16! And we took away Governor Walker's working majority in the Senate, massively slowing down his ability to hurt our state and our nation.
Today, I'm asking you to help us finish the job. 
Please chip in $4, or whatever you can afford, to the Wisconsin Democratic Party's efforts to recall Governor Scott Walker.
We've already collected over 1 million signatures to recall Governor Walker from office, shocking the political world. But right now, the billionaire Koch Brothers are flooding our state with pro-Walker TV ads. We need the 99% to stand with us to fight back.
Can you chip in $4 to help us recall Gov. Scott Walker from office? Click here.
What happens here in Wisconsin has ripple effects throughout the nation. When Governor Walker bashed unions, that was quickly followed by Republican governors in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and other states. 
The Wisconsin recall victories added momentum in Ohio, where voters overturned a devastating anti-union law. And in Arizona, where voters recalled an anti-immigrant leader from office. It was also a precursor to Occupy Wall Street.
Recalling Scott Walker is the next chapter. The recall election will happen mid-year, just in time to have ripple effects on the 2012 elections.
Please help us win this fight. Donate $4 today.
Senator Chris Larson, Wisconsin's 7th District (
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