Friday, February 03, 2012

[PDI] Just $7 donation to help Kucinich --- Fwd: Seven to One

Donate if you can and forward. If you don't know why, READ THE NEED ACT!
Thanks, geri p

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Geraldine -

There are just 32 days until Election Day, and voters are already
filling out mail-in ballots to select their next Member of Congress.

Our campaign has had an amazing week, meeting with voters across the
district, opening a new office in Lorain, and standing up for jobs,
workers' rights, peace, and justice. Our field program is in high gear
-- we've got the best grassroots campaign in Ohio.

Help us close the gap.

But we have a lot of work to do too. We're expecting a very competitive
primary and the latest financial figures show our opponent has a 7 to 1
financial advantage over our campaign. You've already helped make a
difference, but I still need your help to close the gap. *Can you use
our new website to get 7 of your friends to each donate $7 (or more!) to
our campaign close the 7 to 1 gap?*

*Click here to create your own personal fundraising page, and invite
your friends to help support us.

I was one of the few who voted against the Patriot Act, have never voted
to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and continue to work to end
them, and oppose any unjust policy that accelerates the movement of
wealth upwards, working instead on progressing our agenda for
prosperity, jobs and peace.

I am optimistic that with supporters like you we can win this race and
continue standing for that agenda. But, right now, I need your help to
get us the resources we need to put up yard signs, print literature, put
ads on radio and tv, and get our message out to every corner of the
district in the next month.

*Can you help right now by creating your own fundraising page and
inviting your friends, family, and neighbors to chip in and keep our
voice in Congress?*

*Click here to use our tools to set-up a fundraising page right now.
There's no obligation -- just see what you're able to do to help our

If each of us reaches out to just 7 friends over the next week and asks
them to contribute, I know we can make a big dent in our financial gap
to help set the groundwork for victory in just over one month.

Thank you for always being with me, especially when it matters most.



P.S. Or you can make a contribution at *

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