Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[PDI] You are not alone

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Stop the attacks on women's health care!

Dear Daniel,

Despite the fact that only one in three Illinoisans approve of requiring
all doctors to offer their patients seeking an abortion a
ultrasound*, last week the House Agriculture Committee decided to send a
bill containing this mandate to the House floor for a vote.

*Take action: Call Rep. Sandra Pihos(217) 782-8037 and urge a no vote on
attacks against women's

The bill, which could be considered by the full Illinois House at any time,
creates a *state mandate that physicians offer a medically-unnecessary
ultrasound to all patients seeking an abortion*. A woman who does not
undergo the medically-unnecessary procedure must decline the physician's
mandated offer in writing and her physician must notify the Illinois
Department of Public Health.

At a hearing in Springfield last week, House Bill 4085 sponsor
Representative Joseph Lyons told the Illinois House Agricultural and
Conservation Committee that the bill was *not about "women's health."* He
acknowledged that the real "purpose" of the bill was to limit abortions in
the State of Illinois.

According to an ACLU poll, nearly 3 in 4 Illinoisans also agree that the
Agriculture Committee was an inappropriate venue to hear this bill.
Nevertheless, *the ultrasound bill was heard and passed out of the
Agriculture Committee, along with another that will close down women's
health clinics* including centers owned and operated by Planned Parenthood
and reduce medical services for women provided at physicians' offices
across the State of Illinois.

*Call Rep. Sandra Pihos(217) 782-8037 and oppose these attempts to shut
down women's health care in

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