Wednesday, February 22, 2012

[PDI] Fwd: New Webinar: Community Engagement From Day One

Is anyone able to sit in on this? I'll be tied up.



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Subject: New Webinar: Community Engagement From Day One
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Join Prometheus tomorrow night at 7pm EST for this free training
webinar offered to current and future community radio stations.
COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT FROM DAY ONE _"Community radio is 90% about
community and 10% about radio." - Zane Ibrahim of Bush Radio in South
Africa_ To build a truly participatory station, community
engagement begins long before your station is on the air. On this
webinar, we share ideas for engaging your community from the very
start. Ann Alquist, Director of Radio Engagement at the National
Center for Media Engagement will offer concrete tips on finding good
community partners, keeping track of contacts, and developing
responsive programming. She will explain the difference between
"one-way" station outreach and "two-way" community engagement (and why
you should do both!). Dharma Dailey, Kaya Weidman, and Sara Kendall
will discuss the community engagement strategy at WGXC Hands-on Radio
in Hudson, New York, now celebrating its first anniversary. They will
share the questions that shaped their station-building process: How do
we develop and convey our vision even before we're on the air? How do
we create a sense of community ownership and investment from the very
start? How can we get businesses to support us? WGXC organizers will
also describe their Radio Council model, creating a station that is
not only informed by the community, but accountable to that community
as well. Brandy Doyle of the Prometheus Radio Project will moderate
and take your questions. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 2012 7PM-8:30PM
EST Register here [1] or check out our other webinars here.
P.O. Box 42158
Philadelphia, PA 19101
United States
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