Wednesday, March 30, 2011

[PDI] FW: Phonebank for Kloppenberg as WI Supreme Court Justice


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Bob Babcock
8:28am Mar 30
Got this request from my Progressive WI friend, Eugene Barufkin. If you can help phone bank from home . . .

"Our First Priority for the next seven (7)days must be - get JoAnne elected - Everyone can help without leaving their homes. If you have more than one phone, you can double up, triple up or more, and be more effective.
Just go to JoAnne's web site
- Push the Make Calls For JoAnne button.
- Make calls to friendly voters who have supported our efforts in the past.
- Implore them to vote next Tuesday.
- Ask them to help by speaking to as many voters as possible.
- Ask them to please go the JoAnne's web site and do the same.

We can get back to getting recall signatures next Wednesday.


Please distribute this message to all your friends and family members.
It's easy for everybody to help.
Even young potential; voters, for their own sake, when they are 18+. "
Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court
www.kloppenburgforjustice.comAs a Supreme Court Justice, JoAnne will bring independence, integrity and a commitment to deciding cases on the facts and the law.
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