Tuesday, March 22, 2011

[PDI] This Sunday March 27, 3pm : FINALLY, A REAL SOLUTION to Endless Debt and Endless War

You're Invited ---- PLEASE COME, Please forward widely!!

*WHAT:* Creating a World of Peace and Abundance for ALL: A Practical,
Concrete, Constitutional Solution
*WHERE:* Cooperative Media Center, 1000 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, Illinois
*WHEN:* Sunday, March 27 at 3pm
*WHO:* Glenn Fritz, Steve Walsh, and Geri Perry, American Monetary
Institute: Chicago Chapter

$2 donation requested, not required, to help defray room costs

*WHY:* Most of us today are concerned, and sometimes overwhelmed, by the
deteriorating fiscal and political condition of our state and local
communities, our nation, and the world. Many, if not most of us are
worried about our personal financial situation, and increasing job
insecurity - for ourselves, our children and our neighbors.

No matter how we might try to play by the rules, our place at the table
of life is becoming increasingly uncertain. Meanwhile, we must face a
world of exploding debt, obscene levels of greed and corruption,
skyrocketing taxes, senseless waste, and endless war.

This informational, interactive meeting will help you identify the root
of the problem and introduce you to the solution we have within our reach.

Please JOIN US - AND bring a friend.

Contact: Geri at healthadvantage@comcast.net
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