Thursday, March 31, 2011

[PDI] PLEASE help if you can by midnight tonite --Fwd: This Isn't Change We Can Believe In

PLEASE contribute, by midnight tonight to help Dennis Kucinich keep his
seat, now threatened by corrupt Ohio:

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Subject: This Isn't Change We Can Believe In
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2011 09:18:16 -0400 (EDT)
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Dennis Kucinich -

This Isn't Change We Can Believe In

Dear Geraldine Perry,

*We're very close. In the past six days we've raised over $61,000, and
we now need just $9,000 to pass our critical goal before midnight's
quarterly fundraising deadline. Can you chip in once more - $10, $25,
$100 dollars - to help our movement get the resources it needs to stay
in Congress? *
Click here to donate and help us hit this critical fundraising goal.
<> *

It's painfully clear to me that America continues to slide in the wrong
direction. Watch this video and look at the facts:

We've spent over $3 trillion on the war in Iraq and over $500 billion
and counting in Afghanistan. In Libya, we'll soon hit $1 billion in
spending - on a war that raises lots of questions but has not received
any debate or authorization from Congress. The Pentagon now takes over
half of the discretionary spending of our budget. And the United States
is the largest exporter of arms in the world. *That's not change we can
believe in*.

At a time when we have close to 15 million people out of work and we're
cutting critical programs to the poor and unemployed, we're wasting
money becoming a military juggernaut around the world.

But - somehow - the consensus in Washington is to just let this military
industrial complex and the policies of fear and preemptive war continue.
We simply should not accept, blindly, that war is always necessary and
that our nation and our world must persist in a state of violence.

Thank you for supporting me and our movement. We cannot let some
downstate politicians succeed in eliminating our voice in Congress, and
let the status quo of ever increasing military intervention go
unchecked. *We must continue to challenge the conventional wisdom, think
differently, and strive for a more prosperous and peaceful America*.

*Please donate before midnight and let's keep speaking out!*

With appreciation and respect,

Dennis Kucinich

PS - For my latest thoughts on our intervention in Libya, you can read
my Daily Kos piece here <>.





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